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Sitios Actuales

URL Del Sitio Web: http://www.masterfulshopper.com
URL Del Sitio Web: http://www.safegamehub.com
Nichos: games, family friendly
SafeGameHub.com is designed to offer members a safe, ad-free, family friendly place to play flash games online. This moderated community allows members to comment on games, select their own favorites, and even upload their own games! In a day and age where the internet is saturated with spyware and virus' and adult content, adults and children need a place to go for entertainment without fear or hassles. Safe Game Hub is the "Safe Place to Play Online" - Features over 2100 Flash Games and grows every month to include more games! Top players are ranked and earn points the more they play!
Safe House Arcade
URL Del Sitio Web: http://www.safehousearcade.com/
Safe Game Harbor
URL Del Sitio Web: http://www.safegameharbor.com